Harmonious World

Matteo Finali

June 11, 2021 Hilary Robertson Season 5 Episode 59
Harmonious World
Matteo Finali
Show Notes

The latest episode of Harmonious World features an interview with Matteo Finali, guitarist and band leader of Final Step.

The fifth album from Matteo's band is Disconnections and it's well worth a listen. It has been described as post-Miles electric jazz,  but if that means nothing, just know that this is funky and full of energy. Probably what we all need right now.

Thanks to Matteo for allowing me to play extracts from the album alongside our conversation.

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Don't forget the Quincy Jones quote that sums up why I do this: "Imagine what a harmonious world it would be if every single person, both young and old, shared a little of what he is good at doing."

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